This page is dedicated to information regarding the wedding ceremony.


Okay - this is the section where we try to fit in as many "thank you so much!" thoughts as we can. There will never be enough space to honor these folks, as they helped to make this wonderful ceremony what it was. Without even one of these people or businesses, this would not have been possible. You all made exceptions when you didn't have to. You offered a helping hand when you didn't need to. You cared about us as people and not as "just another wedding party" that you didn't care to fuss over. We will always be grateful for the kindness and care that you showed us, and we will always have a special place for you in our hearts. This kindness is what makes weddings special and heartfelt instead of just another expensive party!

W. W. Seymour Botanical Conservatory. We love you even more now than we did when we first found you! The gentleman that has been working with us from day one has been one of the most wonderful people that we have met since starting the journey of planning this wedding. We have yet to look up your real name from receipts, but we have been calling you Santa as requested! You fit the bill, as we felt that our wedding day was second in wonder only to Christmas Day and its splendor. As Santa, you have made magic for both days, and we couldn't be happier with the turnout. We plan to make a pilgrimage to Tacoma for each anniversary to visit and remember how wonderful it was to stand and hear our announcement as husband and wife ring throughout the glass walls and dome! Thank you so much for allowing us to use the conservatory on a day when we should not have been able to. We hope that we treated you as well as you treated us in turn!

Mrs. Carlyn Peterson, John's aunt and our ceremony officiant. Thank you so much for the beauty that you put into reading each word of our ceremony, and the time you put into guiding us toward our eventual creation. Without your help, encouragement and guidance, we would not have been able to create this perfect ceremony from the pieces of our heart combined with some of the pieces that you sent us from other ceremonies. The homily that you wrote was equally beautiful, and I know that we will remember each word that you spoke as we continue on our journey through life together. We are planning to send copies of the ceremony out when we send our thank-you cards, so we know that all of you will be able to remember our special day right along with us!

Mrs. Vicki Snell, Amy's mother. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for putting your time, blood, sweat and tears into making a dress that could not be duplicated in any store. You are a busy lady and you did not have to offer to do this, but you did, and the love you put into every stitch shows a thousand times over. It was an honor to be able to look at that dress and know how special it was to us all. We love you!

Mrs. Victoria Pelikan, our photographer. There are not enough words to let you know how wonderful both you and your pictures are! From the moment we arrived a little late to begin hair and makeup photos, to the end of the day at Il Fiasco, you were beyond kind and helpful, and great at guiding us into looking our best. Just from the blog photos, we can rest assured that we chose the right person to capture our special day and make it just as beautiful as we knew it would be, not that there was ever any doubt! We liked you from the moment we saw your work, and even more after we met you. We will definitely be passing your name on to anyone else who needs pictures taken in the Washington area! We can't wait to follow up with some awesome Christmas photos as well!

Our other attire vendors - thanks go to: jewelry by Uncommon Adornments; hair and makeup by Salon Maison; shoes by Payless Shoe Source; John's tux by the Redmond Tux Shop

Goldworks and Getty Jewelers for our rings. They could not be more special and unique - just like the two of us! We are somewhat saddened as we have heard that Goldworks will be closing its doors at the end of the year, but we are still grateful that we were able to find a special ring there that was destined to find a home around Amy's finger! Getty Jewelers has also been wonderfully helpful, making us feel welcome and comfortable in their store as we sought John's ring. We will be returning here for any future purchases that we intend to look into! Thank you for the time you put into making us happy with our decisions.

Last but not least - Safeway, for our flowers. As we said before, thank you so much for proving that a good price does not have to indicate an inferior or unacceptable product! We could not have been happier with our flowers. The bridal bouqet was absolutely beautiful and special, as was the boutonniere. The corsages turned out to be different colors than we had originally asked for due to a misreading of the order, but despite this they were equally special and still worked well for us. We will, of course, be returning for groceries on a regular basis!