This page is dedicated to information regarding the reception.


We are so happy with the way that our reception turned out! Il Fiasco could not have provided better service or better food. The Ravoli al Fungi, once again, proved to be spectacular, and the bites of everything else that we sampled from others made us confident that everyone else ate just as well as we did! We were very impressed as well by the appetizers, particularly the asparagus dish. Amy even had to admit that it was spectacular, even though it contained only ingredients that reside on her rather small list of disliked foods! Thank you so much, Il Fiasco, for making our special day one to remember forever. Thanks also go to John's parents for hosting this wonderful meal! We hope that you were as satisfied with everything as we were.

An even larger "thank you!" goes out to all those who made toasts at the reception (including those who were unable to finish theirs!) We were deeply moved by your willingness to speak, and treasure every word that was offered, in voice or intention! We were not sure how to conduct formal toasts in the absence of a traditional wedding party, but you guys took the ball and rolled with it. Perhaps more couples should consider leaving the floor open for anyone who wishes to speak! Sometimes you never know who might stand up and have something profound and special to say.

Our next thanks goes out to Celebrity Cake Studio for providing that absolutely fantastic cake! It looked even more beautiful in person than it did in our heads when we imagined it. We were more than pleased to see people going back for seconds inbetween compliments, and I know Celebrity will enjoy hearing about this as well. For those who did not hear the final flavor announcement or are looking for a refresher, the cake was pink champagne with layers of raspberry jam. The outer frosted layer was buttercream frosted with fondant leaves and chocolate branches. Yum! We still have approximately half our cake left and plan to enjoy it in the next couple of weeks, or until the buttercream is no longer edible, whichever comes first! For those that did not hear, we have opted not to try to save part of our cake for our first anniversary - Celebrity Cake Studio actually offers a small cake for free on a couple's first anniversary instead of encouraging them to save their original one.

Last but not least, a small thanks goes out here to Victoria for her wonderful and brief stay to take photos of the cake and toasting process! She was more than willing to leave us to our meal after a long and exciting day, instead of "taking pictures of people eating." The rest of the thanks, of course, will be on their respective pages!