This page is dedicated to information regarding the rehearsal dinner.


Our rehearsal dinner turned out to be even more special than we had hoped. We had hoped that the informal setting with comfort foods and casual atmosphere would be enjoyable, and from the comments we heard from all of you, we think it succeeded with flying colors! We were so pleased that the recipes (or last minute mental creations!) were to your liking and that we could invite all of you into a small part of our home and lives through their creation. As promised, we plan to post as many recipes as we can get here on the website so that those who would like to recreate a small part of the experience may do so whenever they wish! Please feel free to send in your recipes whenever you are able and we will start this process rolling!

Special thanks go out to Mrs. Carlyn Peterson and Mrs. Carolyn Bruce for their spectacular contribution to the meal's end. The pumpkin bread was fabulous and the extra loaves we have in our freezer are only getting better with age! The bread was made even more special by the story behind it - thanks go to John's grandmother as well for being the original host of the recipe. We know that she would have loved to attend, and we know that she was with us in heart, though she could not be in person. We will always treasure her gift, passed on through her daughter to us in her stead. The cheesecake was also amazing! Cheesecake is a special recipe in both of our families, but Carolyn's cheesecake was the winner, hands-down, according to all who ate it! We are so glad that the airport security did not come up with a way to confiscate it!

Thanks go to Amy's mother for all her help and guidance in the kitchen. While the recipes and overall plans were imagined by us, it was Vicki's knowledge and experience that helped us know what could be made ahead, done beforehand, or planned for in a more convienient way in order to make things run as smoothly as they did. We also appreciate those of you that offered to help as well. As we have a fairly small kitchen, inviting more help might have made things more difficult for all of us! The offers were more than generous, however, and we managed to at least find room for you all to help once we got to the clubhouse!

We want to take a moment here to thank you all in advance for the gifts that you gave us. We will be sending out thank-you cards properly as soon as we are able to set aside some time to do that, but we do want to make sure that you all are aware of how much we appreciate your kindness and love, just in case it takes us longer to send our cards than we are anticipating. We will definitely make use of everything that we received! The digital camera so far has been the most used (thank you Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike!) but that is only because we're just now returning from our honeymoon! We also loved the Vase of Plenty flowers that you all contributed. They look beautiful in our living room and we'll make sure to get a picture so that you all can see the end result. We were so pleased to see that everyone remembered to participate!

Last but not least, a big "thank you" to Evans Creek for having an awesome clubhouse that could hold all 17 of us comfortably and still have room to move around. We have always loved to spend time there, and the feeling has only grown since our rehearsal dinner. Now it is not just a clubhouse, but a joyful memory of a time when friends and family gathered together in love and support for us and our marriage. We now have a new extension of the word "home!"